Leadership Alliance STD Design

Call for Proposals

The Leadership Alliance Diversity Conference (LADC) is currently accepting presentation proposals for its 2018 Equity, Diversity and Inclusion: Closing the Achievement Gaps conference. Event speakers will have an excellent platform for sharing their first-hand experiences with initiatives, projects and programs that address the academic and social needs of underserved student populations.

LADC encourages students to submit proposals for student-led sessions, with content developed and presented by students. Conference session presenters who are full-time students will receive a $50.00 registration fee discount. For presenters who are not full-time students (i.e., regular registrants), the registration fee discount is $100.00.

Proposals Deadlines

March 2        Final day for presenters to submit their proposals.

March 16      LADC will notify primary session presenters about selection status.

If the primary presenter has not received proposal status notification by March 18, 2018, contact Michelle at michellejohnson@theacademy4excellence.org or 619-653-8108. 

Who Should Attend

Educational Systems: K-12, 2-year and 4-year colleges, public/private 

Institutional Divisions: administration, academic affairs, student affairs, human resources, athletics 

Personnel: officials, faculty/teachers, staff, students  

Student Organizations: student government, cultural, racial/ethnic, religious, Greeks, gender, sexual orientation

Student Advocates: parents, nonprofits, PTA/PTO, community-based organizations


Curriculum/Instruction/Teaching (e.g., academic support programs, professional development, ethnic studies, history, common core standards, special education, gifted programs, STEM/STEAM, AP courses, honors courses, remedial courses).

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion and Inclusion (e.g., campus climate, classroom culture, demographics).

Societal Issues (e.g., human rights, civil rights, inequalities, inequities, race relations, racism, privileges, segregation, immigration, criminal justice system,  political dialogue).

Faculty/Student Relations (e.g., interactions, expectations, microaggressions, perceptions, stereotyping, biases).

Financial Aid (e.g., sources, allocation).

Disciplinary Policies and Practices (e.g., suspensions, expulsions, criminalization, incarceration).

Public Policy (e.g., Title IX, DACA, IDEA, ESSA, NCLB).

School Choice (e.g., charter schools, private/public, magnet schools, funding sources, for-profit, nonprofit, accountability).

Submit Breakout Session Proposal

All sessions are 60 minutes.

Presenters must design a proposal that focuses on an interactive discussion with the audience, allowing at least 10 -15 minutes for audience participation, questions, and comments.

With the exception of formally invited plenary speakers and formally invited select session facilitators, all session presenters are responsible for their own conference registration fees, travel, and hotel expenses.